Black River Bridge at Black Rock "Structurally Deficient"

LITTLE ROCK, AR - State highway officials say Arkansas has six bridges in its state highway system designed similarly to the Minneapolis bridge that collapsed into the Mississippi River.  Federal officials sent an advisory yesterday to state transportation departments urging them to conduct inspections of bridges similar to the steel-deck truss bridge that collapsed Wednesday.

Federal highway officials say there are 756 such spans nationwide.

Arkansas Highway and Transportation Dept. spokesman Randy Ort said six state highway system bridges have the steel-deck truss design that was used on the bridge at Minneapolis that collapsed.

Only two of the six steel-deck truss bridges in Arkansas are rated structurally deficient, the same designation given to the collapsed Minneapolis bridge.  They are the U.S. 63 bridge crossing the Black River in Black Rock and the Arkansas 5 bridge crossing the Northfork River in Baxter County.  The Black Rock bridge was built in 1949.

Of the other four similarly designed bridges, one is in Region 8; the U.S. 62 bridge spanning the Spring River at Imboden.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)