Police Spokesman Says Search for "Missing Plane" Called Off

HUGHES, AR - The Hughes Police Department says the search for an aircraft distress beacon that was activated in St. Francis County has been called off.  That's according to Kevin Looney of the Hughes P.D. this morning.

The Civil Air Patrol and law enforcement authorities had been searching for the beacon since last night.  The Federal Aviation Administration said last night that it had received no reports of a plane crash, and the Civil Air Patrol emphasized that only one in 12 distress signals from the beacons are the result of an emergency.

The beacon was detected by a satellite monitored by the Air Force.

The CAP says that distress beacons are designed to activate when an airplane crashes, but also can be set off by mechanical failure, hard landings and mishandling by pilots or mechanics.

Authorities say a ground search team from West Memphis and a CAP airplane from Jonesboro were assisting in the search.

K8 News will have more details as they become available.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)