Hillary Clinton to Return to Natural State on August 20

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton will campaign in Arkansas on August 20, her second visit this summer to the state where she served as first lady for 12 years.

Clinton's presidential campaign said the details of the New York senator's visit have not been finalized, but said it will be a one-day visit.

"Arkansas is an important state.  It's a state where she's got deep roots and it's a state where she intends to compete hard in both the primary and general election," Clinton spokesman Mo Ellethee said.  "It allows her to come back home and it allows her to make the case to Arkansans on why she should be the next president."

The wife of Bill Clinton headlined the the Democratic Party's annual Jefferson-Jackson fundraiser, speaking to a crowd of than 4,000 people at North Little Rock's Alltel Arena.

Fundraising figures show that Clinton has raised $145,292 in the state, more than any of the other Democratic presidential candidates but less than the $552,287 raised by former Governor Mike Huckabee, a Republican presidential hopeful.

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