JETS Looking To Stop Shelter Vandalism

JONESBORO, AR--Vandals are making their mark on the new JETS bus shelters. This is a small black eye for the relatively new bus system.

According to JETS they have had two cases of vandalism on shelters, one on Forrest Home Road and the other on Matthews. It's a problem they are looking to wipe out before it becomes a bigger problem.

"Jonesboro Police Department is constantly is up and down most of the streets where I wait, so I feel very safe," said JETS rider Kevin Broadnax.

Broadnax rides the JETS bus three to four times a week. He feels the new shelters are a great representation of the service; however he wonders if a few cases of vandalism might scare some potential riders away.

"That kind of graffiti draws negativism and as it is right now people just come and go," said Broadnax.

It's not a problem JETS is taking lightly either. Coordinator Joel Gardner says they cleaned up both sites within 24 hours after being vandalized.

"I think the quick cleanup on our part is important to let the citizens of Jonesboro know we are taking this transit system very seriously," said Gardner.

He feels if the graffiti stayed up it would welcome others to do the same thing and while JETS doesn't have any leads yet, they want to warn others that this will not be a problem at their bus stops.

"When we find these individuals, we will prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law," said Gardner.

One of the ways they are looking to better protect the bus shelters is with a new space age technology film.

The film will go over the top of the advertisements.

If they are vandalized, clean up crews won't have to spend hours scrubbing and painting they will simply pull a layer of clear film off taking the graffiti off in the process.

"Paint wise, any kind of petroleum product, any kind of acid, any type of cutting device, there is nothing out there that can damage this material," said Supertints sales manager Wally Jackson.

Jackson is working with JETS on this project and says it is the same material that is used on the windshields of NASCAR drivers and peeled off during pit stops.

Over the next couple of months you will begin to see more advertisements on the 30 bus shelters around town.

Most of them will use the graffiti film to help protect their investment.

You might be asking why is it so important to protect the advertisements on the bus shelters.

Gardner says the money from ad sales are crucial to keep the system up and running.