Back to School with Kiddly Toes: Girls Shoes

Depending on the child in question, the school she attends, and the events they participate in, your grade school girls may need several pairs of shoes to get through the school year. Below are some popular styles and suggestions on how to wear them that will help you sort out the right shoes for your daughter, and give you both plenty of ideas for back to school shoes.

Mary Janes

Mary Janes are a great choice for a versatile, all purpose shoe. Great with jeans and cords, for grade school kids, mary jane shoes are equally at home with dresses and skirts. Though the styles change slightly from year to year, mary janes almost never go out of style - and the offerings range from sporty to pretty to funky. Let your child's age, shoe experience and preferences guide you in your choice for heel height, which varies from non-existent to a low, chunky heel.
Brands: Stride Rite, Nina, Hush Puppies, KEDS,

Sneakers / Athletic Shoes

Different schools and grades will have different requirements here. In some cases there will need to be a pair of athletic shoes used exclusively for gym - and a certain brand or style may even be suggested. Beyond gym, sneakers or athletic shoes are nearly essential for grade school kids - and some kids won't want to wear anything else. Fortunately, there are enough styles available that finding a sneaker that pleases your little girl should be the easiest task on the list.
Brands: Stride Rite, GEOX, Tsukihoshi, Ecko, Skechers, KEDS,

Ballet Flats and Skimmers

Ballet flats are a great option for small girls. Since even adults are into them, they have a definite cool factor, but as flats, they are still appropriate for kids. Skimmers look cute with skirts, dresses or pants as long as they're not too long or wide. Paired with tights, they look great and there are plenty of options your little girl will love.

Special Occasion / Dress Shoes

Whether it's a holiday concert, a school play, or just picture day - there will be plenty of events that will call for a dressier shoe than what she wears every day. Certain events and outfits will require a special, timely shopping trip. But if you want a pair of dress shoes always on hand, here are a few great styles to consider.
Brands:  Stride Rite, NINA, Hush Puppies, Jumping Jacks