Back to School with Kiddly Toes: Boys Shoes

Again, depending on the boy in question, the school he attends, and the events he takes place in, grade school boys may need several pairs of shoes to get through the school year. While many kids want to spend every waking moment in sneakers, practically speaking, he may need other shoes as well. The trick is in finding shoes you'll both like. These tips will help.

Sneakers and Athletic Shoes

Selecting a pair of sneakers for your grade school boy will probably be one of the easiest decisions you'll have to make. Let your child's personality and activities dictate whether you go for a more rugged, heavily padded sneaker or one that can double as a casual shoe, and ask him what color of shoes kids are wearing during gym class. Depending on the school your child attends, you may need a pair devoted exclusively to gym class or PE days. 
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Casual Shoes for Boys

Casual shoes for grade school boys tend to land somewhere between a boot and a sneaker. Look for a shoe that is sturdy enough to allow for rough play, but a bit dressier than a sneaker. These types of shoes will give a nice, relaxed look without being too sloppy.
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Dress Shoes for Boys

When it comes to kids in grade school, the best bet for very dressy shoes is saving them for very special occasions. For the best fit, buy close to the occasion - or check the ones you have often to be certain they'll fit in case a "dress up emergency" arises. As a general rule, the shinier the shoe, the dressier it will appear - but if scuffs are a concern, suede is a great choice for dress shoes as well. If keeping laces tied proves to be a task, opt for a slip on loafer style.
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Waterproof Boys Boots

For rainy, muddy, sloshy days, waterproof boots are nearly essential. Available storage at school will help determine whether you want a boot that can be worn inside, or one that your boy will change out of after arriving at his destination.
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