Huckabee Predicts Strong Finish in Iowa Straw Poll

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, now seeking the Republican presidential nomination, is hoping for a strong performance in tomorrow's GOP straw poll in Iowa.  Huckabee says a good performance might persuade hesitant supporters to loosen the purse strings and boost his fundraising, which has lagged far behind the front-runners.

He said yesterday that a good showing in the straw poll would allow the campaign to go to donors who've been sitting on the sidelines and looking for gains in momentum.  He said that what his campaign plans to do after Saturday is say, "Here's the momentum.  Send the check."

He said he needs a solid finish in the Ames straw poll to keep his campaign going strong, but declined to specify what the cutoff point was that would keep him in the race.

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