More Triple Digit Temps Expected in Region 8 Today

LITTLE ROCK, AR - 100 degrees is getting to be the norm these days for high temperatures in Region 8 and the rest of Arkansas.  Only two of the 19 places listed on the National Weather Service's daily table of high temperatures in the state didn't reach or exceed 100 yesterday.

A few places exceeded 100 big-time.  The high temperature yesterday at Russellville was officially recorded as 107 degrees, and both Little Rock and Hot Springs recorded highs of 106.  Only Fayetteville and nearby Highfill didn't reach 100 out of the 19 places on the list.  Their high temperatures were a mere 99 degrees.

Among the places that recorded 100-plus highs reached 105 at North Little Rock, 104 at Mountain Home and Mt. Ida, 103 at Monticello, 102 at Fort Smith, El Dorado, Pine Bluff, West Memphis and De Queen, and 101 at Harrison, Jonesboro, Texarkana, Newport and Blytheville.

And there's little immediate releif in sight.  The predicted high for today in Jonesboro is 103 degrees.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)