Sharp County Authorities Asking for Evacuation of Williford after Chemical Spill

WILLIFORD, AR - An apparent transformer malfunction this evening at the Williford school campus caused a fire that resulted in a propane tank being punctured, prompting Sharp County authorities to ask residents there to evacuate the small town as a precuationary measure.

The accident happened shortly after 7 p.m.  Firefighters at the scene say when the transformer exploded, it caused a nearby telephone pole to fall, which led to the puncture of the tank, thus igniting a fire and apparent propane leak.  One firefighter with the Williford Volunteer Fire Dept. sustained minor injuries to her arm.

Propane is considered non-toxic, however, in certain situations it does pose a mile asphyxiation risk.  It may also sometimes contain hydrocarbons beyond propane, which may increase risk.

Authorities are asking any residents who live in the area from the Williford school campus to Main Street to evacuate, as well as those residents between Garland and Branch Streets.