The Sweet Details of the Cave City Watermelon Festival

August 11, 2007 -- Posted at 10 p.m. CST

Cave City, AR -- For 28 years, Cave City has celebrated having the sweetest watermelons in the world. And grower Brian Carter, says they've had tests to prove it.

"I've eaten other melons and none compare to Cave City melons. We've had the tests done with Hope melons and it's been proven we have the sweetest. We don't care about how big they are, it's all in the taste."

Brian has been growing melons for years in Cave City and says the festival really means a lot to the community.

"It's good for our town. It's good for our small businesses. It brings in the people and keeps us going. People don't know us world wide, but they know our melons."

Charles Landers, the President of the Watermelon Festival, has been in charge for 13 years.

"This festival is about the people. We make it free to the people with the help of the sponsors and vendors. It takes about $15,000 to put this festival on, and the extra we make, we donate it to the Arkansas Children's Hospital."

There's plenty of excitement at the festival... watermelon judging, car shows, live music, open mic, craft vendors, great food, a mechanical bull, they've got it all.

But the best part is getting to sink your teeth into the sweetest watermelon in the world.

Don't miss next years festival August 7, 8, 9.