Arkansas Guard Officials Considering More Back-Up for 39th

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR - Arkansas National Guard officials say that even more of the 11 units already notified that they could be activated along with the 39th Infantry Brigade could be needed to fill out the brigade's ranks before it returns to Iraq next year.  The 39th is getting ready for its second deployment to Iraq, where it is expected to be part of a security force protecting convoys and various bases.

The mission calls for 3,200 soldiers.  The 39th has 3,267 soldiers, but some of them are "non-deployable," meaning they have either not completed basic training, are eligible to leave the brigade or are under medical treatment.

Last week, Major General Bill Wofford, Arkansas adjutant general, identified 11 units across the state, totaling about 1,000 soldiers, that will mobilize with the 39th to make up for the potential loss of numbers.  More soldiers could be called up to join if needed.

Today, Colonel Kendall Penn, commander of the 39th Brigade, is to report to Wofford on whether more unit call-ups will be needed.

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