Parents and Teachers Get Ready for School

JONESBORO, AR -- We are one week away from the start of school in Jonesboro's new magnet school system.

Monday night parents, students, and teachers got together for a meet and greet.

"The kids are excited about getting ready to go to school," said teacher Tena McPhail.

"Very, very excited about all the changes that are occurring with the new magnet schools," said Beth Faught.

A picnic party is giving some the opportunity to meet for the first time.

"We're getting together in grade level groups to meet and greet and get some familiarity with the faces they'll see next week," said Faught.

Each of the magnet schools are grades one through six so a lot of the kids that have always gone to the same school don't know each other.  Monday night's event gave them the chance to get to know each other.

"They are excited.  I think they're anticipating a little bit how it's going to be different, but they're really excited to meet new people," said teacher and parent Denise Snider.

The teachers are all excited to get started and with just less than a week left they're putting final touches on their rooms.

"I'm about 90% ready with about 10% left to do," said McPhair.

School at the magnet schools will start on August 20th.