ASU's Residence Hall Already Reserved at Capacity

JONESBORO, AR - Reservations for Arkansas State University's residence hall are now at or just at capacity for the fall semester, according to the university's vice chancellor for student affairs, Dr. Rick Stripling.

Room reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The Office of Residence Life has arranged for those who paid their room deposit last to live at the Comfort Inn, at the university's expense, until there is space in the halls.  Most of the latecomers are upperclassmen who are returning to school.

"Because of the last-minute cancellations and reservations, the number of residents expected changes almost by the hour," Stripling said.  "We will not know for sure until moving in day on Saturday how many beyond capacity we will have."

A similar situation occured last year, but all affected individuals were moved to campus housing within two weeks because of vacancies that invariably occur after the start of school.

ASU's residence halls have a combined capacity of 2,276.  The Village, which is also an apartment complex for students with families, also has a waiting list.

For those who stay at the Comfort Inn, transportation to campus is available on the local JETS bus system.  A resident assistant will also be assigned on site at the hotel for those students.

"In a sense, this is a good problem for us to have," noted Patrick Dixon, director of residence life.  "However, we want to assure everyone affected that we will accomodate them in campus housing as soon as possible."

Construction on additional on-campus housing is currently in the design phase, and is expected to be completed by fall of 2009.

ASU will begin classes on Monday, August 20.