New Developments for Cardwell's Troubled Water Supply

CARDWELL, MO - Cardwell Mayor John Prince has told his City Council that notification from the Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources indicates problems with the city's water lines pose enough concerns to initiate further investigation.

According to an e-mail Prince received from a DNR official, "As you know the Dept. of Natural Resources has been overseeing investigations at the Brewer Brothers bulk fuel facility in Cardwell.  Part of those investigations revealed that the old cement asbestos water line on the Brewer Brothers property is in contact with soil that is grossly contaminated with petroleum.  We are aware that the old cement asbestos line is not an active part of the Cardwell water distribution system, though it is connected to the PVC distribution system."

Cardwell officials are now looking into the possibility of what it would require to sever the old and new water lines.