Safety Tips For Your Child While On The Playground

Jonesboro, AR -- Shelly Evans and her daughters are spending the morning at the playground.....soaking up the sun before the afternoon comes and  temperatures soar.

The morning in Jonesboro so far has been enjoyable, but the scene was much different in Arlington, Texas as an elementary school playground burns.

The playground literally goes up in flames.....spontaneously

When we think of injuries on a playground we usually associate the bumps and bruises with a fall off of the monkey bars or tripping on the ground, but what we may not think about are the surfaces children are playing on and how hot they can get in the summer sun.

"They would probably burn her, but I would never have thought it would be that hot," said Evans.

In this instance in Texas, officials say the wood chips on the ground got so overheated they spontaneously combusted.

In Oklahoma, a toddler burned his feet after walking barefoot on the playground.

Which leads us to some common sense safety tips to keep your child safe on a playground--they include always making sure your child is wearing shoes, get help if a child's skin is hot to the touch, and finally touch the equipment before your child starts playing to make sure it's not too hot.

For Shelly Evans, these are tips she'll remember for fun and safety in the sun.

"I never thought about it being too hot.  It surprises me," said Evans.