Marching In Step With The Heat

August 14, 2007 - Posted at 4:14 p.m. CDT

PIGGOTT, AR-As the Piggott Marching Band prepares for their upcoming season, they say this year's band camp is one of the worst.

"This year we have no relief. It is definitely the hottest year in a while," said Junior saxophone player, Kenneth Blair.

As band director Brian Pearson counts off the group, he says the kids health has been important.

"We've just been trying to take frequent breaks, and they are a little longer than they have been in the previous years," said Pearson.

But for marching band newcomer's they're simply learning to cope.

"Since I've never done it before, I didn't know what to expect. I think it's been cool getting to hang out with all of my friends, even though it's fifty-trillion degrees out here," said Freshman color guard member, Morgan Meadows.

Not only are students having to deal with the extreme heat, but they're also having to deal with some very heavy instruments.

"It's frustrating sometimes. After a while you get used to it. You start to build up the muscle for it, and even shed a few pounds," said Junior tuba player, Kenny Smith.

But beating the heat, means marching to a different drum.

"Water, drinking lots and lots of water. Just keeping yourself hydrated," said Blair.

But for these band members, perfecting their step is simply a matter of working together, no matter the temps.

"Everyone's attitude kind of helps because no one has really complained a lot, so that helps a lot," said Senior field commander, Heather O'Dell.

"I've tried my best to keep going, but it really does matter if it's really hot outside. I mean, it's a killer out here," said Meadows.

The Piggott High School Marching Band has been in camp for just over two weeks.  They will wrap up later this week with a cook-out and special sneak peak performance for their parents.

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