Annual Field Day for Farmers Held in Cash

CASH, AR--Over 400 farmers traded in their air conditioned tractors for air conditioned buses to take a tour around the farm Wednesday. It was all part of Cache River Valley Seed's annual field day.

It is the largest field day in Arkansas. Farmers are able to hear from rice and soybean breeders, talk to disease specialists, and learn about the latest high-yield crop varieties available next year. The more they're able to produce out here - chances are - the less food will cost for you.

Cache River Valley Seed General Manager Marty eaton says, "They get to see the latest varieties as far as rice and soybeans. Some of them like to look at the stuff they are going to be planting this next year just to see the quality of it and what all we go through to get it to that point."

Congressman Marion Berry was also on hand to speak to the farmers during lunch about the latest farm bill in congress. Says Berry about the bill "For the first time ever a wife, and most farm wives are involved in the business, they will be qualified for a payment themselves. So I think that is a very fair thing. And combined, they will be eligible for more payments than under the old law."

Congressman Berry tries to attend the field day every year, which has been going strong for nineteen years. As the field day has grown, Cache River Valley Seed has added a few creature comforts--like air conditioned buses--to the tour. "There are so many field days where farmers sit on cotton trailers and it's just ,you know, miserable this time of year. So we try to make it as easy and enjoyable as we can," notes Eaton.

The main thing Cache River Valley Seed and many of the partners in the field day want to showcase is pride in their product. Eaton's hope is for an attendee to leave today going home with one thing in mind, "that place really puts out a top product."