ASU Dorms Get Ready To Open This Weekend

August 15, 2007 - Posted at 5:23 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO-It's home away from home for thousands of college students every year, but for those who waited til the last minute to register and apply for housing, they may find themselves out of luck.

"That's created several challenges for us. At this point we are pretty over-subscribed for our housing," said ASU Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Rick Stripling.

Therefore, some ASU students could find themselves living the hotel life, rather than dorm life-at least temporarily.

"Last year, they were there for about ten days. We were able to work through that because of no-shows and people who indicated they were coming and did not show up," said Stripling.

This is the second year overcrowding in the dorms has been an issue, so ASU has teamed up with Comfort Inn and the JETS bus system to provide housing and transportation for the few displaced students.

"The students who stayed at the Comfort Inn last year, they enjoyed that time. They had their beds made everyday and their rooms cleaned every day," said Stripling.

But parents should know it's no party, even the hotel setting will be supervised.

"We will have someone down there working, who will be down there as a resident assistant 24 hours a day with the students," said Stripling.

But campus officials say they will work quickly to get all students back on campus.

"We go through and we work through the students who have not registered. We contact them to see if they are coming back this fall. So we have a method to all of this madness. We try to work through that and work that list down," said Stripling.

Sophomore band member Sunnie McCarty says she's glad she doesn't have to deal with waiting.

"I was worried about that last year, but I'm glad I got in, just in time," said McCarty.

Now as she moves in and prepares for band practice, she has some advice for all those moving in this weekend.

"Be patient. Don't expect to get in there, be the first one in, the first one there and get everything done really quick. It's going to take some time. Be patient," said McCarty.

And when it comes to move in, patience is a virtue.

"It's insane when everybody is trying to come in at the same time. It's a mess," said McCarty.

Move-in begins Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m.

Campus leaders say to expect lots of people, and to dress comfortably because it will still be very hot.

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