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Doniphan, MO--Brett Garrett Reports

Doniphan Heads Back To School

DONIPHAN, MO--While it feels very much like summer, summer vacation is winding for students.

In fact some students in Missouri packed up their lunch and jumped on the bus for the first time Wednesday.

The pool is being replaced by the classroom and those late nights are ending, giving way to early mornings. With school starting in the middle of the week it's amazing what a difference one day can make.

"I was living it up making sure my last few days of summer were worthwhile and I did all the things that I couldn't have done during the school year," said Doniphan High School Student Claire Sipes.

Wednesday, Sipes was excited to be back in a classroom with her friends gearing up for the new school year.

"I was surprisingly calm about it. Seeing all the freshman, cause I know I was there last year and getting a new start in high school," said Sipes.

Doniphan High School math teacher Roy Needham says it isn't hard to pick out those freshman students.

"It's a state of shock. You get that headlights, deer in the headlights stare in class," said Needham.

That nervousness isn't limited to underclassman. 11th grader Chelsea Moore says she had a sleepless night in anticipation of the first day.

"There are points when I feel like the tiny little first grader coming into a new class," said Moore.

While the majority of students in Region 8 are still enjoying those last few days of summer Doniphan and a few other schools in the area came back this week, so that they could get week during deer hunting season. Either way Doniphan feels now is a good time to start school.

"They have been out since May. They lose some, particularly math; they lose some of their skills. So, it's a great time to get started back for school," said Needham.

"It's a pretty good time because I know during the end of the year everyone just wants to get out sooner. So, the sooner we start, the sooner we get out," said Sipes.

The school says despite the high temperatures, they have had no problems cooling the school.

While most of the schools in Southeast Missouri start this week, the majority of schools in Arkansas start on Monday.


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