Motorcycle Stolen From Fallen Region 8 Soldier

WHITE COUNTY, AR -- A soldier's last wish is ruined by a thief, and now a nine-year-old boy has one less thing to remember his fallen father.  Sgt. John Massey told his family if he was killed in Iraq, his son was to have his prized Harley Davidson.  Less than a week after his was killed, someone stole it.

"It just broke my heart," said Massey's sister Cristy Homsley.

"It devastated them.  The motorcycle had been sitting there for a year and then the same week the find out about him it comes up stolen," said family friend Eddie Guthrie.

Now they are determined to get the motorcycle back for Massey's son Joseph.

"That's what he'd want.  I mean, that would go to his son," said Homsley.

Massey leaves behind his wife and three children, who see the missing motorcycle as a piece of their father.  Now, more than anything, they want the person who stole motorcycle to do the right thing.

"Everything happens for a reason.  I believe and I hope that things will come about and the bike will be found," said Homsley.

"The motorcycle needs to go to this boy.  Whoever has the motorcycle, we would just love for them to drop it off somewhere," said Guthrie.

"Bring the bike, drop it off, and there will be nothing said about it ever again," said Homsley.

Sheriff Keith Bowers with the Independence County Sheriff's Department said they have a person of interest in this case.  They said they consider this case to be one of their top priorities.

"His kids were his life.  They were everything to him," said Homsley.

"They were his life.  That was what he lived for.  That's what he was fighting over there for; these kids, my kids, your kids, everybody's kids.

If you have any information on the stolen Harley Davidson Motorcycle you can contact the Independence County Sheriff's Department at 870-793-8838.  There is a reward being offered for information leading to the discovery of the missing motorcycle.  The amount for the reward is constantly increasing.  At last county Sheriff Keith Bowers said it was at $1,000.