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Magnet Schools Draw in Students and Parents

August 16, 2007 - Posted at 4:15 p.m. CST

Jonesboro, AR -

What used to be Hillcrest Elementary School is now ready for its new unveiling as... Jonesboro's Visual and Performing Arts School.

Principal Ron Williams with VPAC say children and parents got to pick which school they would attend back in March.

"Friday night at nine I had people calling me saying that people were lined up at JHS wanting to turn in their applications for the magnet schools and it has just grown from there."

To help you better understand what a magnet school is, it takes the interest of one student like visual arts, and draws them into a school, a magnet school. And with those together, it makes up the Jonesboro Public School system.

"Students that might be interested in the math and science area they would be drawn into the math and science school and so on and so on."

Principal Williams says there will be a few differences like attendance and discipline.

"Plus with the magnet schools if you're excited about it you're going to be at school everyday and you won't be late because you won't want to miss anything and we expect our discipline to go down because the kids will be doing what they love."

There's no need to worry, students will still be learning everything the state requires.

"In our school we are going to take what we have to do with the regular curriculum and mix it with visual and fine arts and work together so they don't have to stand alone for the program."

Administrators say it's a growing program and everyone is learning together.

"We're asking parents not to pull up kids and move them in the middle of the year because they are going to get their basic education as well as the theme of that school."

Schools here in Jonesboro begin Monday morning.

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