875th Families Getting Ready for Soldier's Return

PARAGOULD, AR -- There is just a little over a month left before the soldiers of the 875th Engineer Battalion are scheduled to come home after a year in Iraq.

"I'm not even sure I can put into words how ready we all are," said soldier's wife Gia Taylor.

Since the men and women of the 875th left for Iraq last July, their families have been waiting for their return.

"We want to give them a big welcome home," said Taylor.

A part of that is showing the soldiers how much we support them.

"We're painting these banners getting ready for the guys it makes us even more excited," said Taylor.

The Family Readiness Group wants to paint 200 posters and so far they've finished about 50 of them.

"If anyone has land connected to Highway 49 or the road to Memphis or Trumann they can contact us and we'll come out and put one of the signs in their yard," said Taylor.

The group is working hard to make sure every soldier knows just how badly they've been missed.

"Just so they know they're supported by the community.  It's an overwhelming feeling to know and to feel that support," said Taylor.

The 875th families are selling yellow ''welcome home'' t-shirts outside of Wal-Mart starting on August 25th.

However, if you don't get one of those t-shirts, they still want everyone to wear yellow when we welcome our soldiers' home.

For more information about the "welcome home" signs or t-shirts, you can contact Carrie MacDonald at 870-212-0833 or frgl875th@yahoo.com.