Evening Shade Hitting Highs

EVENING SHADE, AR--What's in a name...obviously not much.

You might assume Evening Shade would be one of the cooler spots in Region 8, but Thursday, according to the National Weather Service, the Sharp County town hit 112 degrees. The hottest temperature from any of its surrounding states.

When it's this hot in Evening Shade residents are asking for relief however they can get it.

"They need to get Burt Reynolds back up here to cool it off," said resident John C. Rogers.

Rogers washed his car in the morning to beat the heat; however he said it was still almost unbearable. Darrell Compton has lived in Evening Shade most of his life and says this heat wave is of epic proportions.

"I have never seen the temperatures that hot," said Compton.

Compton should know, he runs a Comfort Services Incorporated, an air conditioning company in Evening Shade. He says the stretch of brutal temperatures is hard on his crew because they are working 16 hours a day seven days a week.

"It's great as far as the financial side of it, but obviously we want these temperatures to cool down as much as anyone does," said Compton.

Despite the circumstances, residents are enjoying the mention of their tiny town on the national news.

"My father lives in California and I did call him this morning when I found out we were this hottest in the area. I called him and said hey dad guess what. He lives in the Mojave Desert and I think we were about ten degrees warmer than he was yesterday, so a little bragging rights I guess," said Compton.

Thursday it was a record breaking 112 degrees. On Friday it was a much more mild 101. Either way the real question is whoever said it was cooler in the Shade?

"I don't know if it is the terrain of Evening Shade, how it lies that caused the temperature to rise so much compared to the rest of the area, but the old wives tale didn't how true yesterday for this area," said Compton.

After two weeks of heat wave residents are to the point where they are asking for relief from a higher power.

"I wish it was the coolest part, but it's not so we'll just have to do whatever the all mighty says since he controls it," said Rogers.

According to Sharp County Judge Larry Brown, the weather has been so hot, county road crews are coming in early and leaving at noon to avoid the hottest temps of the day.