Arkansas Farmers Scrambling to Store Corn Crop

PARKDALE, AR - Arkansas farmers have planted nearly three times as much corn this year than they did a year ago.  Now that the corn is being harvested, growers and grain companies are running into storage problems.

Bayou Grain Company in the Ashley County town of Parkdale is addressing the problem by piling the corn on the ground next to its bins.

The Arkansas Agricultural Statistics Service says Arkansas farmers planted 560,000 acres of corn this year, up from 190,000 acres last year.  Officials say Ashley County farmers planted 18,000 corn acres this year, compared to 3,000 a year ago.  Cotton and rice planting decreased this year.

Grain companies in Arkansas and elsewhere don't have the storage to keep up with the volume of corn.  Bayou Grain set up a temporary facility to take in the excess and will use tarps to protect the corn from the rain.

Corn is in high demand because of the development of ethanol as an alternative fuel.

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