Top School is Overcrowded

August 20, 2007 - Posted at 1:00 p.m. CST

Valley View - The school has been rated number one, three years in a row in the state.

But having that distinction, comes with setbacks. Now Valley View is facing an overcrowding problem.

Superintendent Radius Baker says people continue to move into the Valley View school district, and the way the campus is now, there just isn't enough room.

"We did not expect the amount of growth we've had over the last 3 or 4 years."

Valley view has grown so much administrators have had to rethink their plan... To put it plain and simple, Valley View is overcrowded.

"We are looking at other options as to what we are going to do as far as building is concerned. And it's a good problem to have. We'd rather have more students than be losing students."

Because of the overcrowding at Valley View, administrators have been forced to bring in mobile classrooms. Superintendent Radius Baker, says he hopes with new expansions, the mobile classrooms will only be temporary.

"It will allow us to move most of our kids, especially our elementary students... Out of some of the mobile classrooms and into the regular classrooms."

Regular classrooms, like the ones being built in the new kindergarten through second grade building.

"The K -2 building is scheduled to be open in January. That's going to hold 768 students."

Yet another problem, it's already full... and Baker says they're thinking they'll have to build more.

With classes reaching capacity - some parents may be asking themselves - Can the school still provide the education it's known for?

"You're sending your child here for the best education and we are going to do the very best to educate them."

Traffic problems continued at Valley View, but there are a few things being done to help with the issue.

This morning, officers tried to direct traffic, but it's just not enough.

Currently the state is building a road around the school for through traffic.

The school is still working on a service road for parents off of the main highway.

For more information on the progression of these projects, log onto the Blazers website.