Governor Says Workforce Problems Being Addressed in Marion

MARION, AR - Governor Beebe says the state is now screening workers it provides to employers.  The governor says the step that will help reduce businesses reduce turnover and will address a concern raised by the Toyota Motor Corporation when it passed over Marion for a manufacturing plant.

Toyota told state officials that the company was concerned about the workers that would be available in east Arkansas if it opened a manufacturing plant in Marion.  The company picked Tupelo, Mississippi, instead.

Auto parts plants in east Arkansas complained that the state was sending over workers who would quit after a week or two, which cost the plants time and money.  Beebe says that problem has been solved by the state workforce agency.  The state now puts potential workers through training simulation to weed out applicants that are not serious.

Beebe says employers are responding well to the new standards.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)