Scam Alert: Wynne Family Stumbles Upon Internet Scam

August 22, 2007 - Posted at 9:41 p.m. CDT

WYNNE, AR-"Anyone that buys or sells on the internet should be aware!

Rickey Turley says this after his son was roped into an internet scam while trying to sell his truck online.

"I only had the truck listed for $1500, then I got the check for $4999. I thought, somethings not right there. And then, we got two checks," said Roger Turley.

The 18-year-old says he got the offer about a week after he posted the for sale ad online, but he says from the start, something wasn't right.

"They asked if I accepted cashiers checks and if I could wire the rest of the money through Western Union back to the shipping company, and they would come and get the truck," said Turley.

Even more startling was when they asked him for some more personal information.

"Then they asked for my drivers license, but I was like, no that's too personal. I'm not sending that," said Turley.

But even without that information the person sent the checks, which arrived two days later via U.P.S.

The Turley's say it didn't take very long once the checks came in the mail to realize the numbers, just didn't add up.

"One was from San Francisco, California and the other was from Brooklyn, New York. Both were for the same amount of $4999. I told him, something's wrong somewhere. This is not right," said Rickey Turley.

Turley said he called a return number on the check, but had no luck.

After turning the documents over to their local bank--they came up as fraudulent.

Now the Turley's are thankful they weren't to hasty to cash the checks.

"We would have been in trouble. If we had taken the $1500 out and sent them the remainder of it. We would have been liable for all of it," said Turley.

The Cross County Sheriff's Department is now handling the fraudulent checks.

Meanwhile, Turley says this serves as a good lesson for his son who is leaving for college Thursday.

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