Jonesboro Gets Nearly $288K for Turtle Creek Greenway Project

JONESBORO, AR - The Jonesboro Parks and Recreation Department has received notification that it will receive $287,500 from the Arkansas Highway & Transporptation Department's Safe Routes To School Grant for developments of the Turtle Creek Greenway.  The grant was applied for as a joint effort with the Nettleton School District because the Greenway will provide a safe route to Nettleton Intermediate Center and Central Elementary School.

"We are very pleased with the results of the Safe Routes to School grant," said Parks & Rec director Jason Wilkie.  "The grant was very competitive.  The funding we received was nearly twice what I was told we could expect to receive for the project."

While the city worked with the Nettleton district to write this year's grant, it will work with the Jonesboro and Valley View school districts to apply for grants for future projects in the next two years.