Jonesboro Nestle Factory to Add 120 Jobs, 11 Additional Product Lines

August 23, 2007 - Posted at 8:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- If you are looking for a job, listen up.  Jonesboro's Nestlé plant is about to add 120 more positions! It's to help with production time for 11 new products that are going to be added to the factory line.

The company made the announcement Thursday and officials say it definitely makes an impact on Jonesboro when it comes to growth and development.

"With growth comes some challenges and there are some transportation and infrastructure challenges in this part of the state has," said Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor who was in Jonesboro for the announcement.

With the addition of 120 new jobs, there will soon be nearly 600 employees at the Nestle factory in Jonesboro.

"I think long term if you take a look at our growth, we just really continue to have stable growth over a period of time and that's been fuelled by companies like nestle who have continued to add workforce in our community," said Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce President Mark Young.

With nearly a dozen new products on the manufacturing line, the Jonesboro facility plans to not only add new jobs.

"We are taking them from other factories and bringing them here. We have some of the lowest delivery costs and it makes sense to manufacture them here in Jonesboro," said factory manager Jim Triskett.

"Jonesboro and Northeast Arkansas really sells itself when it comes to economic development, but it's great to have a company like Nestle that believes in this part of the state and one of the reasons they said that more jobs are coming is because of the efficiency of this plant and a lot of that has to do with workforce," said Senator Pryor.

With more than 185 new jobs in the last seven months, Nestlé is poised to help Jonesboro expand.

"The fact that this part of the state is growing means that nothing but good will happen in the future here. growth brings more growth and that's has multiplier effect, so when you add a 120 new jobs you know that's good for the housing market, that's good for the retail business, the restaurants and the churches," added Senator Pryor.

Also, longtime plant manager Jim Triskett is leaving to return to manage the Nestlé facility in Solon, Ohio. His replacement, Andy Darley, is originally from the United Kingdom. He says he's excited to be in Northeast Arkansas, but adds, no one warned him about the mosquitoes.