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Hush Fragrance

We know what quality time and peace of mind mean to you. That is why we are carrying a brand new product called Aroma Pulse Programmable Air Freshener a truly innovative home fragrance spray delivery system designed for the modern home. Using this exclusive Hush Home Fragrance room spray, you will be able to program the ambiance that perfectly matches your taste and personality in the comfort of your home. Hush employs an innovative, user-friendly technology, offering a series of unique advantages, delivering a long lasting release of fragrance to your home.

The Aroma Pulse system is a high-quality cool-air aroma diffuser that is entirely programmable: The time, frequency and intensity of aroma can be set as desired. You can also choose form four preset schedules. Now for the first time, you can create an ambiance that perfectly matches your moods and personality in the comfort of your home. Thanks to its revolutionary, easy-to-use aroma-pulse, this unique device can be fitted to any inviting Hush refill fragrances.


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