WTVR: 11 Pit Bulls From Michael Vick's Home Held in Hanover

Eleven dogs taken from Michael Vick's Surry County home now live in their own numbered cage, in quarantine at the Hanover County Animal Shelter. "We've got very friendly dogs that will come to you," says Chief Kevin Kilgore who gave CBS 6 the first look.

He asked reporter Laureen Martinez not to pet any of the dogs since they're behavior is still being evaluated. One male, number 29, is perhaps the most aggressive. "This is his territory, we're not going to get any closer, he doesn't want anything to do with people," says Kilgore.

Most of the pit bulls, which are all an American breed, don't want anything to do with each other either. "If one sees another next to them, they start trying to fight each other through the cage. We have to be very careful when we're feeding them that they don't see each other."

That's part of the reason Kilgore doubts the dogs will ever be adoptable or placed in a home with someone other than an experienced handler.

Over the past 2 weeks the dogs have made progress health wise. They're all well fed, they're getting veterinary care and have also been vaccinated.

At least one other pit bull is in the Hopewell shelter. Joy Jackson hoped to adopt one, but was turned away. She worries someone will want it for the wrong reasons.

"They want it just because it's a pit bull, because it's a Michael Vick dog, which isn't a really good reason to own a dog in the first place," she says.

Kilgore says the fate of these dogs will be determined September 30th by the USDA. Until then, no one will be allowed to take them. The shelter is caring for the animals through a mutual aid agreement.