Region 8 Ready for Return of 875th

August 25, 2007 - Posted at 5:39 p.m. CDT

PARAGOULD, AR -- Since the men and women of the 875th Engineer Battalion left for Iraq last July-- their families have been waiting for their return... and now it's only about a month away.

When the troops return to Region 8, they'll be welcomed by friends and family, all in a sea of yellow.

"Everybody's ready to have them home," said Paragould resident Bill Canady.

"Our goal is to welcome them home bigger than the way that we sent them off," said Carrie MacDonald, 875 th Family Group Leader.

With 400 yellow t-shirts available and more than 200 posters and banners ready to greet the troops, members of the 875th will know they are home when they return from their tour of duty in Iraq.

"I'm very proud of everybody who is there and the effort they've put in and I feel like we should do everything we can to make them feel like we love and appreciate what we've done," said Dana Baker as she purchased a shirt.

"My daughter's boyfriend is over there and if this is the way to support them. you know we are all Americans and it's a bad situation, those boys are in a bad situation and anything we can do to help them, we need to do it, that's just the way I feel," said Canady.

The 875th family group sold around 300 shirts on Saturday and plans to order another shipment if the demand needs.

"It might go back to that song, tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree, and I think it was said today, wear a yellow t-shirt for the 875 th ," said MacDonald whose husband is serving overseas.

And as the countdown for the homecoming, the clock is ticking on both sides.

"My husband emailed me the other day that he could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and up to this point, hadn't really thought about it, but they are getting really excited, they are ready to come home," said MacDonald.

The 875th family group will be selling the welcome home t-shirts September 6th - 8th at the Greene County Fair.  To order a shirt or for more information, email