Bust of Late Lt. Governor to be Displayed at Capitol

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Friends and family of the late Lieutenant Governor Win Rockefeller say he will be memorialized at the state Capitol with a bronze bust.  They say the sculpture is intended to recognize Rockefeller's charitable works and unassuming personality.

Rockefeller, the son of former Arkansas governor Winthrop Rockefeller, died in office last summer after battling a blood disease.

Project leaders say they hope the $30,000 bust will be on display by the beginning of the 2009 legislative session.  The money has been raised privately.

The Senate Rules, Resolutions and Memorials Committee will hold a national competition to find a sculptor for the bust, though Arkansas artists will be given preference.

The bust will be the state Capitol's first artistic commemoration of a lieutenant governor who never served as governor.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)