Student Reports Attack, Abduction at ASU

JONESBORO, AR -- An Arkansas State University sophomore is allegedly attacked and abducted from campus.  Now, the rumor mill seems to be taking over causing some students to be afraid.

"It makes me feel very uncomfortable and be very on guard," said freshman Andrea Caristianos.

"Scared, cause you're not with your family here.  College life is different.  You're pretty much on your own," said freshman Rachael Lewis.

These two students are both freshmen and this is the first time either of them have truly been away from home.

"Being out there by yourself is kind of scary, not knowing the people around you and not knowing what's going to happen," said Lewis.

Both said they were already on edge being in a new place, but after the alleged attack on Sunday night their fears have heightened.

According to the University Police report, Sunday night around 9 o'clock, the 19-year-old victim was grabbed and abducted from the first level of the parking garage at ASU.

The victim said she was forced into her car by "at least three black guys," then she said they told her to drive.  When she started speeding to get the attention of a patrol car, the guys got scared told her to pull over and got out.

Investigator Jarrod Long is the officer handling this case.

"We will look into possible suspects.  We'll also be providing extra patrol of the areas around campus," said Long.

Last year Residence Life added some surveillance cameras on campus, and Long said they may have caught the alleged suspects on camera.

This has caused the campus rumor mill to work overtime, but investigators insist this is the only case they are working on.

"We do take every call seriously.  We do become concerned for student safety," said Long.

Long did a full interview with the victim on Monday night.

For more information on how to keep yourself safe while on campus, log onto UPD's website.