Plenty of Pumpkins?

August 28, 2007 -- Posted at 3:15 p.m. CST

Clay Co., Pumpkin Hollow --

Halloween is only a couple of months away, but this summer's heat and drought may mean fewer jack-o-lanterns in Region 8.

The heat and lack of rain has hurt some crops - including pumpkins, but...

"There will be pumpkins at Pumpkin Hollow!"

Ellen Dalton says they've done what they can, but it's hard to tell what the crop will be like come trick-or-treat time.

"A mix bag of tricks I guess you would say... Some of our pumpkins we've been able to water really well and take care of pretty easily and they are faring somewhat better... But still I think our production is still going to be pretty much way down."

The product may be down a bit, but it's not because of disease... just drought.

"The disease pressure is actually less because of the dryer weather, just because you don't have all the moisture to deal with."

"It's just the excessive heat they don't set well and the female flowers don't come out and set as well and the bees are like us and they don't like the heat as well so, it has cut into our production quite heavily."

Ellen assures us that Pumpkin Hollow won't be empty this fall. But looking at the field, you can see some of the effects of the heat.

"There isn't much we can do about it except to water as much as we can and that can help cool the plants some, but with that sun beating down overhead we have some pumpkins you can just see the effects on the leaves. Whether they have a good drink or not."

And without rain, that drink is hard to come by.

Pumpkin Hollow is set to open September 29th.

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