Region 8 Man Wins Taco Bell's "El Presidente" of the Year

August 28, 2007 - Posted at 7:30 p.m. CDT

POPLAR BLUFF, MO -- We're always seeing all those national sweepstakes promotions...peel off a game piece, fill the monopoly board, enter the number online. But have you ever actually known anyone who won? It did happen to a Region 8 man!

Jeremy Young from Southeast Missouri just got a mighty big check courtesy of his Poplar Bluff Taco Bell.

"You always wonder if someone really has won, it's amazing somebody won!" laughed Young. Young and his family have plenty of reasons to be exact there are $113,400 reasons for them to smile.

"The first contact I had was a next day air letter from Young America who had the promotion form and I filled out all the paperwork and sent it back. Dana from Taco Bell headquarters called me back and congratulated me," said Young, "It was unbelievable!"

Just by typing in the code number off of his cup, Young was entered in the Taco Bell "Baja Blast" El Presidente of the Year contest.

"For this particular promotion, we had 1.2 million entries online and then to pick a winner we actually have an outside fulfillment house and they get a database of all those names and then they pick one name from that to be the grand prize winner," said Taco Bell Promotions Manager Dana Rohd, "It was totally random."

Young's kids, 7-year-old Courtney and 9-year-old Dalton already have big plans for the big check.

"I want to go to Six Flags and Disney World and I just want to ride all the roller coasters until I puke," said Courtney.

Dalton admitted he didn't know if he and his sister would get an allowance raise.

"I'm not sure because we don't get an allowance," said Dalton, but hinting that it could change.

The new "El Presidente" cashed in a trip to California to add $22,000 to his winnings, but he says even at his new status, he'll still stop by the locally owned Taco Bell.

"Work is right down the road, I work at Larry Hillis Dodge and it's just right down the road, so we stop in here a lot," said Young, "It's a great place, fast, friendly service, you can't beat it...great food!"

"We really want to give back to our consumers and we feel like these contests give us an opportunity to reward people who are loyal taco bell eaters and who love our food and our beverages and Jeremy Young defiantly fits that bill and we're thrilled that he's the winner," said Rohd.

Young says he plans on paying off his bills with the money and also refinancing his home to lower the payment.  But no word yet on that trip to ride the roller coasters.

The Northtown Poplar Bluff Taco Bell franshise where Young purchased his winning cup is owned by RKM Enterprises and operated by Rafe and Jacque Montgomery.