Hike Up Those Drawers, Or Pay a $200 Fine!

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Two towns in Louisiana are cracking down on pants that are worn low enough to show underwear -- or worse.

The city councils of Alexandria and Shreveport are telling their inhabitants to hike up their pants or pay fines up to $200.

The ordinances still need a mayoral signature before the fashion police can start doling out punishment for wearing saggy pants. If they go into effect, that means there are at least six cities in the state that have trouser standards.

In Alexandria, the ordinance is reminiscent of school dress codes. It allows three inches of sag. Go below that, and citizens can be slapped with a fine.

While some critics say police have more important things to do than rid the streets of low-hanging pants, other foes say there are racist undertones to the policy.

A proposal in Stratford, Connecticut was soundly rejected this week after critics said it would be unconstitutional and target minorities.