Copper Theft on Campus

August 29, 2007 - Posted at 4:30 p.m. CST

Jonesboro, AR -     Copper thefts - You or someone you know has probably been a victim.

It's a dangerous way to make money, but thieves are still at it. Arkansas state university is the latest victim.  Over $1,900 worth of copper was stolen from the Twin Towers dorm.

University Police say over 500 lbs. of copper tubing was found missing from inside the basement of the abandoned dorm.

Jarrod Long with the UPD, says the copper was stolen sometime between August 13 and August 22. But it's hard to pinpoint a time.

"Seeing trucks backed up to it and everything was just a common appearance so it is unknown exactly when this could happen."

Right now, there are no suspects in the ongoing investigation.

"We have checked with the local recycling centers and they have not had a large amount come in that would be related to this."

We talked with Sheriff Jack McCann, and he said the copper thefts in the area, have actually decreased.

"The first 6 months it was really busy daily, but now its slowed down seriously."

He says that's mainly due to the new law that went into effect in July, requiring scrap metal sellers to give their name and address.

"When you have to give your name and information... No one wants to do that... But when you can just go up there and get x- amount of dollars for their stolen goods, they don't ask any questions... that's easy."

But along with the new law, they've put more men on the look out for copper thieves.

"The new law had a large impact on them and like I said all the law enforcement agencies worked really hard on that because it was such a problem."

Sheriff McCann says it's hard to profile who's stealing the copper... Right now it's mainly males who McCann says are just lazy.

"It's normally an easier way out than having a job."