Why Should I Subscribe to Your K8 Storm Team Personal Forecast?

Your K8 Storm Team Personal Forecast is so simple to get, and the uses are endless! You only have to answer a few questions to get your own personal web page with the weather information you have selected. You can sign up for your home address, work, vacation destination, relatives address... whatever fits your lifestyle! That is the whole idea behind Your K8 Storm Team Personal Forecast. You tailor it to fit your needs, your busy lifestyle.

You may wonder why you need an hour by hour breakdown of the day. Here are a few scenarios where the hour by hour forecast can really help!
Scenario #1:
You are a soccer coach for your son's team. You need to schedule a practice, but you have to practice before the sun sets AND before it gets too cold. Your K8 Storm Team Personal Forecast hour by hour breakdown tells you when the sun will set, the temperature, the wind chill and even the chance of rain for every hour of the day.
Scenario #2:
The family is planning a nice relaxing fishing trip for the weekend. If it is too windy, the water is choppy and dangerous. With Your K8 Storm Team Personal Forecast, you can check your location for the day and time you are planning the trip. You can find the wind speed, direction, temperature and likelihood of rain.
Scenario #3:
You would love to have your daughter's birthday party outside this weekend. But what will you do if it rains? Use your K8 Storm Team Personal Forecast to check the weather conditions for the next 48 hours and plan around any unpleasant weather conditions coming your way.

Your K8 Storm Team Personal Forecast has so many uses. Dependable weather information tailored to meet your specifications. You get the information you want and need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please tell us how Your K8 Storm Team Personal Forecast is helping you. We want to learn how our viewers apply this great tool in their everyday lives!