Tolerson Arrest: Newport Residents Speak Out

After the arrest of 61-year-old Lawrence Tolerson on Tuesday at his Newport business, Tolerson and Son Funeral Home, some people in the town are speaking out about the allegations and the man accused in the case.

Tolerson is incarcerated in the Woodruff County Jail and faces two counts of solicitation to commit capital murder.  The alleged intended victims in the case are the police chief and mayor of Newport.

Not a lot of people are speaking out about this case, but those who did told K8 News that Tolerson seems like a good person.

"Truth be, I was very shocked because he just doesn't seem like the type of person that would do something like that," said Charity Hall.

Charity Hall said she used to go to church with Tolerson and she's shocked to hear about the charges he's facing.

Newport is the home to about 8,000 people, and many say they're shocked by the circumstances surrounding this arrest.

"Stuff like that I only hear about it in movies, so to hear about it in this small town I was very, very surprised," said Hall.

A lot of people in Newport are keeping quiet about this case, although they say they know Tolerson they don't want to say anything about him.

The Arkansas State Police are handling the investigation and many in Newport say they don't see Tolerson doing something like this.