Frito Lay Receives Environmental Honor

Jonesboro, AR -- A major accolade from the Environmental Protection Agency recognizes the hard work by employees at Frito Lay's Jonesboro facility.

Becoming ever more environmentally friendly, they've worked hard to get the recognition, and the work continues each day.

"Plans to reduce pollution by recycling, green purchasing, reuse of waste water, reduction of waste emission, and using green cleaning products," said Debra Griffin.

Debra Griffin works for the EPA.

Boyce Sherrill works for Frito Lay's facility in Jonesboro.

"Well it's a great effort by a lot of great employees in Jonesboro, we're very excited about the great accomplishments in the last year and especially this award by the EPA. A lot of work they have done to ensure our environmental compliance and all of the programs our companies ask that we monitor," said Sherrill.

The EPA's performance track recognizes facilities that work hard to set above standard goals for continuous improvements in environmental performance.

It's that performance by the employees at the facility that make the city of Jonesboro and Frito Lay such a tremendous partnership.

Mark Young is the president of the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce.

"It also indicates their commitment to our community.  They have continued to grow and expand here.  We're excited about that and what the future holds," said Young.

Young says when other companies see the success of businesses like Frito Lay it speaks volumes for this community.

"I think it's a great indicator of the workforce we have here, and what can be accomplished in our community. We're so thankful that Frito is here and we're so thankful they received this award," said Young.