Doniphan Mayor's Son Charged with Assault

DONIPHAN, MO - The son of Doniphan Mayor Larry Ponder faces charges of second degree assault in Ripley County after allegedly striking a woman with a shovel last weekend.

The charges stem from an incident that occured on Saturday at the Southern Comfort Cabins, on the Current River.  According to a police report, witnesses told deputies that Gregory Ponder was involved in a fight with another man identified as Jeff Jones.  Witnesses said Ponder "came at" Jones with a shovel and a woman identified as Amanda Jones stepped between the two combatants.  As Ponder allegedly swung the shovel at Jeff Jones, he struck the woman instead, according to witnesses.

Amanda Jones was taken to the Ripley County Memorial Hospital for treatment of her injuries, which were described by the attending ER physician as "three fractured ribs."

Gregory Ponder was subsequently arrested by deputies.