New Fire Fighting Agent Making Headlines

August 31, 2007 - Posted at 2:00 p.m. CST

Jonesboro, AR -

ABC recently aired a story on Good Morning America about a Fire Resistant Spray. A similar fire retardant is sold right here in Arkansas. Greg Gordon with Mid-South Fire and Industrial Solutions says it's the best thing for rural areas.

"We sell to local fire departments because many of them don't have a large water supply. With this product, it can put out a fire in half the time it would take with water alone. It's amazing."

Greg, a former firefighter, heard of the product and with a few other former firemen, got interested.

"The company is out of El Dorado, but we know that this area could really benefit from this."

But it's not just for firefighters, he says you can use it at home.

"It would benefit a homeowner the most by spraying it on their two-by-fours while building. Or they could go up and spray the timber in their attics. I guess you could spray it on the outside of your home too."

This paticular brand, Fire Blockade, is water soluble, so after using it on a fire, it washes off clean. But that also means it doesn't last long in the rain.

"Down here in Arkansas, where we're used to having lots of rain, it would wash off after a good rain. So it's better to spray while you're building or in the attic."

The product is non-toxic and environmentally safe. It's made from soybean oil, which helps the farmers in Region 8.

"The company is in El Dorado, but they buy the soybeans from this area, and then make the product. Then the farmers buy the product for their companies, it's just a great circle."

Greg says to coat a 1500 sq. ft. home, you would need about 2 jugs of the product and they run about $90 a jug.

For more on Fire Blockade, visit their website.