New Life Children's Home

OIL TROUGH - New Life Children's Home to open in Oil Trough, AR for children ages 5 to 11.  The ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at the facility on Septemeber 2, 2007.  The center is located at 50 Third Street, Oil Trough, AR. 72564 with a office in Newport that can be reached at P.0. Box 885, Newport, AR. 72112 (870) 523-8413 or (870) 217-1372.  To email the New Life Children's Home click here and they can be found on the web here.

Press Release from Project New Start

New Life Children's Home "A Home Where GOD Is Changing Children's Lives"

Thank you for opening your hearts to the children and becoming partners in this new ministry, the New Life Children's Home.  You have compassionately and lovingly chose to help the most innocent, vulnerable and impressionable of us all, the children.  No one stands so straight as when they stand to help a child.  With this undertaking of a children's home by all of us, we, at Project New Start, pledge to our Lord and to all of you who are partnering with us, that we will wisely utilize every measure of financial support.  We promise to spend every penny prudently to help each and every child exceedlingly.  We need faithful partners like yourselves.

The New Life Children's Home is bigger than Project New Start, bigger than New Life Church and bigger than you or I.  A dedicated group effort is truly necessary to do God's will and help those precious little ones abundantly grow and prosper in their lives and in their love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  This ministry is a new work we are undertaking for the Lord. Over five hundred thousand dollars worth of buildings have been given to us to use for the children's home. By having these buildings and by having loving, caring, generous monthly supporters like yourselves, when we are all standing on the streets of gold in Heaven and a person  grasps our hands, smiles and lets us know that they were once a child we led to the Lord, we will have known we have truly stored our treasures up in heaven, not on earth. Today's children are tomorrows parents and leaders.