Bald Knob Schools in Financial Distress

August 31, 2007 - Posted at 6:31 p.m. CDT

BALD KNOB-A new Bald Knob High School, only a few years old is now the center of financial woes for the strapped for cash school district.

"That's what we have run into here in the district, is a severe debt crisis."

Interim Superintendent James Staggs grew up in Bald Knob schools, and fears if the State annexes the schools, along with it goes the community.

"It's devastating. When a community loses its schools, and when you are annexed you lose control, therefore losing the schools. The community just dries up," said Staggs.

Therefore, administrators are on a high-speed race to raise a lot of money.

"Every dollar counts. Everything adds up. We've got to raise two million dollars and that's a big feat, but we will do that. We can do that."

Concerned parent Kristie Mechum is just one of many working in the community to help her alma mater.

"Having gone to school here for 13 years and knowing that this is my community and my school, my kids are starting to school here. It's hard. I don't want Bald Knob Schools to disappear," said Mechum.

Save Our School donation flyers are just one way Bald Knob Schools are trying to get money back into the system. They have until September 24th  to raise as much money as possible before the State decides whether or not they will be annexed.

Elementary School Secretary Connie Cox, also on the steering committee, says they are working hard for that not to happen.

"We are going to do everything in our power, as a fund-raising committee, to raise this money to meet the State demand," said Cox.

As the S.O.S. (Save Our School) campaign reaches it's most important days ahead, both students and the community are rallying to keep Bald Knob, the home of the bulldogs.

"We are here for the fight. If anything came up, we are going to go down fighting. Just like a bulldog would," said Cox.

The school district is now being operated by an interim school board, as efforts continue to bounce their 2-million dollar debt back into the black.

Currently they have raised nearly 400-thousand dollars.

To make a donation:

Mail to-

Citizens State Bank

Attn:  S.O.S. Fund

P.O. Box 200

Bald Knob, AR 72010


For more information and a calendar of upcoming fundraising events check out the Save Our Schools web site.

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