Gas Prices Take a Slight Dip for Holiday Weekend

JONESBORO-As people are filling up their tanks, preparing to hit the wide, open road this Labor Day weekend, they're feeling a little relief compared to this time last year.

"I was still driving a lot last year, but it does make my pocketbook a little bit thicker .. I like to go shopping, so I'd like the gas prices to go down a lot, " said Tamara Griffin.

"I'm kind of hoping to go fishing this weekend, so maybe it will be a lot better than what it was last year," said Amanda Williams.

Randy Kesserling is a professor of economics at Arkansas State University and says gas prices in the U.S. are pretty low compared to other developed countries such as Great Britain, where prices for gas are much higher.

Still, people on the streets are still feeling the pain at the pump.

"I live around Little Rock and I'm a freshman at Arkansas State, so I can't go home as much because it's so expensive to fill up my gas tank, said Lauren Theis.

So, why the higher prices at this time of year and is there any relief in sight?

"Typically what happens with gas prices is they go up for the summer vacations and then at the end of summer vacation, which is is the primary driving period, they go back down, it's just a matter of a supply and demand response," says Kesserling.

Around town in Jonesboro, prices can range from as low as $2.51 and go up to $2.65 depending on where you go.

Even so, some analysts expect gas prices to drop after this Labor Day weekend.