Hoxie and Walnut Ridge Try to Put Athletic Rivalry on Hold

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR -- For over 30 years two Lawrence County schools have shared an intense rivalry.  Hoxie and Walnut Ridge are separated by an invisible line in between the two towns.  For the past 36 years they have played each other, but now that long held tradition will stop for a few seasons.

The schools say the "cease play" will last for the next to seasons to give the rivalry a chance to cool down.

Walnut Ridge Superintendent Terry Belcher said that this week they have had different events of vandalism including diesel being poured onto their football field and a new sign painted with the letters "HHS".

Many of the people in the town are sad to see this tradition going away, saying they look forward to seeing the Hoxie versus Walnut Ridge game every year.

"I really don't think that they should end it.  It's been going for 30 years now," said Hoxie fan Garland Hensen.

"I don't think this rivalry should end.  It's the best game of the year," said Walnut Ridge fan Angelia Moore.