Remarkable Recovery

As soon as Suzy Smith gets her son off to school and her husband out to work, she's ready for quality time with the family pet. Like most stay at home moms, she does have a lot of work to do each day. However, for Suzy, getting it done can be a challenge. A stroke more than 15 years ago has left her unable to do the things she once loved. "I was a person on the go. I worked from 8 to 5, at 5:30 I was on the lake skiing and we skied ever day until dark."

Suzy remembers the day that all changed. She says she didn't feel like going back to work during her lunch break, but some how she managed to make it. "As soon as I sat down at my desk, there was two of everything, and immediately dementia set in."

Suzy's secretary rushed her to the hospital. Her husband, Reggie was on the road with his job and it took precious time to reach him. "By the time they got him, and he got to the hospital, they said well she's not going to live for forty-five minutes so you may as well not even call her family until she's gone."

Suzy was in a coma. Doctors didn't expect her to make it, and if she did she would be a vegetable. The next morning, Suzy woke up. She says, "My language was fine at that point. Within an hour or two, my language went, my vision went, I couldn't swallow. So, for about three weeks, I was blind, couldn't walk, couldn't talk."

A prayer chain for Suzy was already well underway and soon the prayers were being answered. "There were so many prayers going up on my behalf. It was just such a blessing. There's just know way that I would be hear today, much less be in the shape I'm in."

Two and a-half years after her stroke, Suzy gave birth to a healthy baby boy without any complications. She describes Matthew as an absolute miracle. And as for Reggie... "My husband is a testament in faith and strength, and God gave me that blessing. That and my son. I love them both."