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Gov. Blunt Signs Job Creation Bill

JEFFERSON CITY - Gov. Matt Blunt today signed pro-jobs, pro-growth legislation that will support the state's strong economic climate and attract and retain high quality jobs that offer health insurance for Missouri workers. The job creation bill will build on the more than 85,000 jobs Missourians have created since the governor took office.  "Missourians have responded to the pro-jobs, pro-growth initiatives we have already enacted with an astounding record of job creation and entrepreneurial ingenuity," Gov. Blunt said. "I am pleased to sign this bill to provide even more opportunities to build on the nearly 85,000 jobs added to our economy since January 2005 and the more than 17,000 of those jobs that are connected to the Quality Jobs Act that provide both competitive wages and healthcare benefits.

This competitive and responsible economic development bill allows Missourians to work hard, encourages people to innovate, and allows them to invest what they earn and create even more jobs and economic opportunities to continue our state's position as a global competitor." "In the economic development world, Missouri has always had a tough time competing due to limited programs and resources," Sen. John Griesheimer said. "However, with the signing of this legislation Missouri will move into the driver's seat and will be a force to be reckoned with."  "I want to thank Governor Blunt for signing this bill," Rep. Ron Richard said. "With this legislation, we have reaffirmed the fact that Missouri is open for business and we are aggressive and serious about attracting family supporting jobs for the people of this state."The governor and the General Assembly created the Quality Jobs Program in 2005. 

It is the most important economic development tool available in Missouri to help create family-supporting jobs with good wages and healthcare benefits.  House Bill 1 increases the program's annual capacity from $12 million to $40 million, which will allow our state to attract and retain quality jobs, with healthcare for hard working Missourians.  Already this innovative program has helped renew Missouri's economy and has had a role in helping to maintain or secure more than 17,000 high quality jobs that provide both healthcare benefits and higher than average wages.            

In addition to expanding the successful Quality Jobs Act, House Bill 1 boasts several pro-jobs, pro-growth initiatives.  Programs like the Enhanced Enterprise Zone and New Markets tax credit are designed to promote expansion and new job creation. The bill increases the Enhanced Enterprise Zone capacity from $7 million to $14 million and creates a state match for the federal New Markets tax credit which brings investment to economically distressed areas.

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