Hillary Clinton or Mike Huckabee? Who Would Region 8 Vote for?


Arkansas promises to play a key role in next year's presidential race.  Two of the potential candidates have strong Arkansas ties, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Mike Huckabee.

These two candidates have been crossing the country getting their messages out there and some voters are more receptive to each message than others.

"I'd vote for him because he has really good morals and really good values," said potential voter Kendra Edwards of Huckabee.

"Since her husband has been there she knows what the country needs," said H.E. Merriweather of Clinton.

Political Science professor Dr. Richard Wang said that Arkansas is going to be very important in the upcoming months.

"In Hillary's case and the former governor's case, Arkansas will be important come convention time.  So, they're both fighting hard," said Wang.

They each have a different type of fight on their hands, in Huckabee's case he is still considered a ''second tier'' candidate.  However, Clinton faces the hurdle of being a woman seeking the Whitehouse.

"I think it would be a beautiful thing.  Change is good," said Merriweather.

While Wang said a lot of people will say they're ready, but come Election Day they may not vote that way.